Tech Support

Dynatorch Operation & Service Manual

The Dynatorch operation and service manual is integrated into the CNC software under the ‘Help’ tab . To access the Dynatorch manuals, click on the ‘Help’ tab on the tool bar at the top of the main screen or click the “? Help” button.

  • Dynatorch Help (general operation)
  • Performance Help (optimize communication speed)
  • PlasmaMate Help (introduction to PlasmaMate, the Dynatorch static parts library)
  • FAQ (troubleshooting)
  • About (system description)

In addition to this, you have received a red binder and USB that contain additional information, including tutorial videos.

You can also find product information on our YouTube channel.

Dynatorch Online Support


Dynatorch can provide quick and frustration free technical support by remote accessing your computer (internet connection required). This allows us to see the contents on your computer monitor and control your computer and Dynatorch CNC over the internet.

We can not remote access your computer without your authorization, the technician will be on the phone with you during the remote session, and the remote session will be closed as soon as the problem and/or training is complete. You can use a smart phone to create a temporary hot spot if an internet connection is not readily available (Dynatorch is not liable for the cost of data usage). If your concerned about security you can unplug or otherwise disable internet capability after the remote session is complete.

Click the button below to download the Dynatorch Team Viewer remote access module. After you click the Team Viewer button below, you will be forwarded to the download page. A window will automatically open asking if you would like to save/download the file. Click save.


If you are using a PC, after the download is complete, locate the remote access module in your Download folder (TeamViewerQS_en-idcph8u6hn.exe). If you are using a Macintosh, use the finder program to locate the executable in Downloads.

Double click on the executable. The module will start and present you with your ID and temporary password. The Dynatorch technician will need this information to gain authorized access to your computer.

To start a remote session, call one of our technical support agents.

Dynatorch Technical Support Specialists

Russell Johnson     (256) 776-6637 EXT 205

Michael Garrett       (256) 776-6637 EXT 208      Cell (256) 509-4332

Have The Following Information Ready

  • How long you have owned the system.
  • The make and model of your plasma generator.
  • Which CNC you have (Animatics/smart motors, Super-B, XLS, XLR8).
  • Your software version (found at the top of the screen at the end of the tool bar, typically starts with 3.6, 4.0, 4.2, or 4.4).
  • The CAD software you are using to generate your DXFs.
  • The program you used to convert the DXF into G-Code.
  • When and how you discovered the problem.
  • Is the malfunction constant, conditional, or intermittent.
  • The steps to duplicate the problem.