Dynatorch Super B Series

Dynatorch introduces the new standard in entry level plasma CNC.
Dynatorch has applied the technologies of high end CNC plasma to the entry level market. The Super-B is a clean sheet design that is specifically for the smaller CNC plasma machine market.  The Super B Series machines incorporate high end machine features and capabilities, in a smaller package. Using our Servo drives for speed, control and smooth operation and combining it with ground linear bearings and linear belt drives results in smoothness and speed that is unrivaled in the industry. Our integrated Arc Voltage Torch Height Control is included at no additional cost. Made in USA.
Welded Steel and Linear Bearings
The frame is welded steel and the machine rides on linear bearings on all axis just like the best high end CNC machines. DC Servo drives with encoder feedback closes the loop on control for always accurate cuts and high speed performance.  Closed loop feedback is performed as the machine is cutting, unlike hybrid systems that make error corrections at the end of each cut, which could result in a jog between cuts.  With travel speeds up to 1000 inches/min and large part contouring speeds of 400 inches/min, the Super-B  sets the bar far above the competition.
Dynatorch CNC Servo Motor Software
The Super-B uses our world famous operating software that is designed just for CNC plasma cutting and is the most friendly, easy to learn and use system on the market with an abundance of features not found anywhere else.  To set us farther apart from the competition, all Super B systems ship with fiber optic USB communication!  You can operate our systems with a laptop. We don’t need parallel or serial ports. Our software is Windows 10 compatible but we still prefer Windows 7.
Dynatorch’s PlasmaMateShape Writer Code Wizard
Build simple brackets, gussets, flanges etc, with just a few clicks of the mouse. Choose from dozens of predefined designs with more being added upon request.
Dynatorch Super B Z Axis Slide Assembly
The Z axis slide is our best “Gold” series slide exactly like what we use on the XLR8 series CNC plasma cutting machines, with less vertical travel.  The precision ball screw and bearings are sealed in a milled assembly for long service life. The arc voltage torch height control is built in and standard on all systems, NOT and add-on feature. You can add the Dynatorch laser locator and Dynatorch magnetic collision protection, to this slide assembly for the same protection and functionality of our XLS and XLR8 systems.   The whole Super-B machine is powder coated and ships assembled and prewired with only the drive amp box and X cable carrier removed to allow for quick setup and also easy shipping.  We provide flame resistant wire covering for the x and y axis cables. The Super-B uses linear belt drives with embedded steel cables to prevent any belt stretch. These are AT5 urethane belts specifically made for automated machinery and widely used on machines in Europe. The result is superior smoothness in operation that translates into smooth cuts for you. Both sides of the gantry are driven to maintain stability and smoothness at all speeds.  Our machine, homes on hard stops, eliminating pesky limit switches, that fail and can result in machine damage. Accessories include a stainless steel water tray or downdraft air table, collision protection, our laser locator, marking attachment, a HD Screen PC  and Many CAD and CAM software options.
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