Software Designed Expressly For the Plasma Flame Cutting Industry
This Dynatorch software is designed to exploit the many technological advantages only available fromDynatorch servo motors. It is equally at home being used by the user new to CNC cutting hardware or the seasoned veteran needing advanced features. Unlike other..Read More
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The Dynatorch Software Subscription Service

Gives you a full year of downloads or upgrades to the software.

To purchase a subscription to the service. Please call our Sales Department at  256-776-6637. The subscription is good for 12 months, after which, you must renew to continue to receive..Read More
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Cutting Shop

Arbor Image-Draftsman Cutting Shop V4.5 is a program designed for those who cut artwork and signs. It allows converting pictures or scanned images as well as combining text and graphics together...Read More

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Need CAD but don’t want to spend the big dollars? ProgeCAD Professional is a fraction of the cost yet comes with all the trimmings. It provides you with a CAD solution that is easy to learn and use with less..Read More

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Sheet CAM is an easy to use manual nesting program for cutting single or multiple parts. You select a cutting torch size and then place the parts on a sheet and move or rotate them manually. Then you tell the..Read More

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Hypertherm MTC Design2Fab is an HVAC program that creates all those difficult and complicated HVAC parts and transitions. It allows you to select a type of part from pictures and then enter the dimensions. This is so easy that anyone..Read More
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SigmaNEST Companion is designed to be one of the easiest-to-use programming solutions available for packaging and shipping with profile cutting machines, including plasma and oxy-fuel. It features TrueShape nesting, wizard-based prompts, DXF-file import, automatic path generation and automatic NC code generation...Read More
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Download Your Software Upgrade
You must have purchased the Software Subscription Service to download Software upgrades from this page. To purchase your subscription service, call Dynatorch Sales at 256-776-6637. Purchased your Subscription but having trouble logging in or downloading your upgrade? Please contact our..Read More
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