About Us

Dynatorch began with experienced individuals with a new vision. Rather than remix existing and dated technology into another conventional offering we pledged to present our customers a new and exciting CNC plasma machine product. First, we assembled a mixture of talented engineers experienced in the CNC motion and cutting disciplines. We added to this a software development staff that was able to design around the newest and most productive technology.

Management’s charge to staff was to produce, from the ground up, a CNC plasma motion control product for the cutting industry. It had to offer superior performance, numerous user features, be user friendly and easy to learn but most of all be very inexpensive and made in the USA.

As a modern firm, we at Dynatorch have no investment or interest in dated technology. We utilize only high performance servo motor systems with closed loop feedback for maximum performance.

We clearly recognize the only way we will be successful is by giving you a superior product, superior service and a genuine value for the dollars you spend with us. Dynatorch is larger than the development partners, we have our office staff and others employed here as well, headed by our President.

At Dynatorch we will always have as our first priority our customer’s satisfaction because we know, above all, you are our most valued asset.